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10 Reasons Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes

brunette vs blonde 10 Reasons Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes

No.10 Body art is rated as more attractive on brunettes

In a study on how 150 people rated tattoos on women’s bodies, researchers found that in images of women with body art, the women were rated as less physically attractive, as drinking more heavily and as being more sexually promiscuous compared to images of women without body art. Interestingly, however, this study also found a link between tattoos and hair color, as blonde women with body art received even lower ratings than brunettes with body art. Altogether, these results point to the possibility that the same behavior or lifestyle choices made by a brunette relative to a blonde may result in less harsh judgments from others.

No.9 Brunettes are perceived as more worldy and mature

A recent study conducted in Poland on 360 men between the ages of 18 to 46 claims that blond-haired women, compared to women with brown locks, are rated as younger looking. While that’s great news for blond women hoping to shave a few years off their actual age, the flip side of this finding is that youth is also associated with immaturity and superficiality. In harmony with this notion, a different study found that among the men polled, 63% would prefer to engage in an in-depth conversation with a brunette.

No.8 Brunettes are believed to be more self-sufficient

One finding from a UK study on the perceptions of more than 1,500 men was that 67% of respondents suggested that brunettes were self-sufficient. In contrast, 40% of individuals polled described the blond model in the study as lacking independence and being needy.

No.7 Brunettes are perceived as more serious

One study found that, when pitted against brunette counterparts, a blonde model was viewed as being approachable by 63% of men, and 59% thought she was an extrovert. These findings are in line with the commonly held belief that blondes are more fun-loving and frivolous, meaning that in contrast, we may have a tendency to view brunettes as more down-to-earth and practical.

No.6 Brunettes are perceived as being less temperamental

When scientists gave a group of participants three different photographs of the same woman wearing wigs that made her a blonde, brunette or redhead and asked them to rate the images on a variety of dimensions, brunettes were rated as less temperamental than redheads. What’s more, in a UK study that surveyed over 1,500 men, 45% of respondents described redheads as neurotic, and 64% endorsed the stereotype characterizing redheads as fiery.

No.5 Brunettes are thought to be more capable

A study on the influence of hair color and makeup on a woman’s professional abilities asked college students to look over the resume of a female candidate that came with a photograph of a woman sporting blond, red or brown hair. Participants in the study determined that the pretend applicant was more capable when she was a brunette and wore no cosmetics. These results point to the notion that a woman’s hair color may have real-life implications in terms of others’ perceptions of her professional abilities.

No.4 Brunettes are thought to earn more money

In the same study in which college respondents were asked to review the resume of a blond, brunette or redheaded woman, participants indicated that they felt the brunette applicant, particularly if she was not wearing any makeup, would earn a higher salary than other females. Together with this study’s other finding, these results have real-life implications for brunettes, where they may have more earning power based on the perception that they are more capable than women with other hair colors.

No.3 Brunettes are perceived as more intelligent

Many studies on how a woman’s hair color influences other people’s perception of her intelligence show similar findings. In a study by Weir and Fine-Davis, male participants gave blondes significantly lower ratings than they did to brunettes when it came to intelligence. At least one other study has reported that men assign higher intelligence ratings to brunettes, with 81% of men equating brunette with brainpower.

No.2 Men feel more successful with a brunette by their side

From a massive poll of 2,565 people (1,005 men and 1,560 women), researchers found that at least one in five males surveyed admitted to feeling more successful when the woman on their arm was a brunette. It would seem, then, that the perception of brunettes as being more competent may rub off on their partners.

No.1 Brunettes are viewed as marriage material

A study that sought input from 1,500 men found that 61% of respondents subscribed to the idea that brunettes make the most ideal wives, with 60% associating qualities such as loyalty and integrity with dark-maned women. In stark contrast, only 14% of the men in this study attributed these qualities to blondes.



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