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McDLT – In 1984 it was cool to have a hamburger with lettuce and tomato in a special Styrofoam package made to keep “the hot side hot, and the cool side cool.”

The Noid – Domino’s introduced us to the Noid in the late 80’s and we all thought it was cute. Then a guy with the last name Noid took a .357 into an Atlanta Domino’s and took employee’s hostage. That pretty much forced Domino’s to “Avoid the Noid.”

100X100 – In and Out has a 4X4 on their menu, 4 beef patties, 4 slices of cheese on one bun. But if you asked, they’ll make anything. Including a 6X6 or an 8X8. But then some college kids started ordering, and getting, the 100X100. In and Out now has a policy that the 4X4 is as big as they’ll go.

Enormous Omelet Sandwich – BK said forget healthy breakfast and brought out this whopper of a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage,
330mg cholesterol, and 1940mg of sodium. Bring your own nurse and IV.

Free Iced Coffee Day – To celebrate their 60th anniversary, Dunkin Donuts offered free iced coffees to their customers. Well… some of their customers. If you read the fine print you’d have noticed that is was only at “participating locations” in five states.

Arch Deluxe – McDonalds spent $100 million on an ad campaign to show off their new adult-themed burger. The ads had unhappy kids saying they didn’t like the burger. Turns out adults didn’t really like it all that much either.

Priazzo – Pizza Hut’s pizza with two crusts made to resemble a Chicago deep dish pizza. The company said it would generate $250 million in sales the first year alone. The problem was it took way too long to cook for a fast food joint, and it was pulled from the menu.

Burger Bundles – Sliders at Burger King made the menu in 1987 and they were huge! Especially for teens and the late night crowd. But the line cooks at BK couldn’t keep up. The small meat would fall through the grating on the broilers and were just too hard to make. They pulled them a few months after they started.

Frito Burrito – Taco Bell added Frito’s to a Burrito and the world was unimpressed.

Frescata – Wendy’s tried to compete with Subway by serving up their own deli sandwiches. They were freshly prepared, which means they take longer, and that doesn’t work so well. They were pulled a year after they came out.

The Hula Burger – Back in 1962, McDonalds thought making a sandwich that Catholics could eat during lent was a good idea. They were right… they just got the wrong sandwich. Instead of meat they used a pineapple slice and covered it with cheese. Catholics preferred the Filet-o-Fish instead.

Supersizing – Supersizing started in 1993 which gave you 7 ounces of fries, and 42 ounces of soda. They phased it out in 2004 after the movie “Supersize Me” came out.

Bell Beefer – Taco Bell took a taco and put in on a bun. Like a sloppy joe, but more taco-like. People who loved the Manwich are still mad they pulled it off the menu.



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