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The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 4: Bentley On The Brain

Goodness gracious woman! You are in Thailand with a bunch of hot guys and all you can think about is jerk-face Bentley! Uhhhh! Sorry I had to get that out. This week’s episode took place in the beautiful areas of Thailand. Specifically Phuket, Thailand. Ashley has two awesome one-on-one dates and a philanthropic group date but can only think about the evil Bentley who left the show last week. Plus she finally has some alone time with Ames (this made my heart happy)! Check out the recap!

Thailand! The beaches of Phuket were gorgeous but it rained almost the whole time the bachelors and Miss Ashley the Bachelorette were there. They honestly looked like they were drenched the whole episode…. but its hot there, so it may have also been sweat, ehhh kinda like Vegas.

Constantine gets the first one-on-one date! “Let’s SEA Phuket together,” the date card read. But their plans of boating around the island were a no go. The rain and wind were too strong and the local boats-man wouldn’t take them out on the sea. So Constantine went with the flow (he’s a really relaxed man) and they went walking around town shopping.

(Ashley narrated that she still can’t get her mind off of Bentley….uhhhhh!)

“Love is not about winning,” the old man they met on the street advised them. Ashley was amazed how reliant the advice was. Constantine seemed unaffected but was very nice to the man. They had long conversations at dinner and nothing too scandalous happened. He gets a rose.

The Group Date: Ben F., JP, Blake, Mickey, West, Ben C., Nick, Lucas, William and Ryan all got invited to “Make the world a better place.” Ashley told the guys that in 2004, that part of Thailand was hit by a bad Tsunami. As part of their date, they all helped to paint and fix up an orphanage.

Ryan, solar power man, was getting on all the guys’ nerves and kept bossing them around. Ben F. was such a sweetheart and started painting an elephant and garden mural on the children’s wall. Ashley was impressed and joined him. All the guys were very emotionally effected by the experience and seemed to enjoy it.

During dinner, on the group date, Ryan put his flirting skills to the test. “Damn… nice outfit,” Ryan looked Ashley up and down. She giggles, the other guys rolls their eyes. Fashion foot note: Ashley was wearing a purple bikini with a tan, mesh, long cover-up and wedges. She looked cute but the men were all fully dressed and she was….well, not. So it was kinda awkward. But whatever.

(Ashley again, tells the camera that she is thinking about Bentley but talking to the other guys is helping. “I swear she better not say the B-word, Bentley, one more time,” which is what I was thinking this whole episode!)

First Ashley talks to Ben F. alone and they make out. Then she talks to JP alone and they make out… in the rain. It was very ‘The Notebook’ style. In the end, Ben F. is the one that gets the rose. Although, she does tell the camera that JP is the best kisser by far! Win-win situation for the both of them.

The second one-on-one date: Ames! (Can you tell I love him!?) They went sea kayaking in a banana boat through caves in the light rain. It was beautiful. Plus it helped that Ames kept saying some very poetic and romantic one liners. They had a picnic on the beach but no kissing happened (sad face). Ames tells the camera that they didn’t kiss that night but they talked about “important things.” Ashley was very surprised how funny and nice Ames was. Plus he is pretty buff… I’m sure that helps. Ames gets a rose!

Ashley also realized that she might find a husband in this group of guys even with Bentley being gone. So she decides to only eliminate one guy at the rose ceremony instead of two, to give herself more time to get to know them.

At the cocktail party Blake tells Ryan that none of the guys like him. The only good reason he could give was because Ryan seems too happy all the time. Ashley likes his happiness, so I guess that’s all that matters. But I see more drama coming from this soon.

WEST is the only guy that does NOT get a rose! Poor West. But Ashley feels he is not ready to date yet, since the death of his wife.

Next episode spoiler: Looks like Bentley may make an appearance! At least that is what the previews were eluding to. (Rolls eyes!) CLICK HERE for previews to next week’s episode.

Check back next week for the recap! Roses to you all!



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