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It’s that time of year again! Time to decide which local bands will grace the stage at Mix 94.1’s Bite Of Las Vegas in October! This year’s contestants are our best yet! They’ll battle it out at House Of Blues inside Mandalay Bay on September 15th! Question is…

This year’s bands include Avalon Landing, Benton Paul, Bingo!, The English Channel, Ministry Of Love, Offset Season, Play For Keeps and Someday Hero! Click their links to hear their stuff and let your voice be heard!

Comments (27)
  1. shay teague says:

    This is a fkn popularity contest, if it were based on talent ministry of love would be off the charts. Maybe if you posted their songs on here you would see a difference.

    1. Bill says:

      @shay Ministry of love is talentless pop music that anyone could do. But they do put on a good show.

  2. Tracy says:

    Ministry of Love is AWESOME!!!!!

    1. hjjhgjg says:

      Disagree, Paramore sounding without the powerful front woman. Just my opinion. We dont needd more duplicates of bands that have already been heard. But again, everyone has a different opinion.

  3. Sera says:

    Vote for “MINISTRY OF LOVE” !! 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    benton is by far the best!

  5. Thomas says:

    I don’t agree with these polling numbers what so ever….it is set up to be a popularity contest. Hopefully there are real judges at the H.O.B. on the 15th who can see through these inflated numbers and bring about justice.
    I’ve gone to the BITE of Las Vegas for the last SEVEN years and can’t wait for this year!!!
    In preparation for the 15th, I have listened to all of the bands entered and have the following to say about each band, including my top four picks for who should have the honor of representing Las Vegas at BITE. (in order of preference)

    1. Bingo! – I can’t believe they have such a low score, just goes to show this poll is not the slightest bit accurate. They have definitely earned a Bingo! with their great sound. Not too many bands have energy like they do. One band that comes to mind when I listen to them is, BLINK-182! (hence why they garner my top vote)

    2. The English Channel – this band is an awesome duo, that sound as if they could be played on the radio today. Not to much lacking from this group. They also have the experience of playing on a big stage, which is a bonus.

    3. Avalon Landing – they sound very refined (extremely rare for an acoustic session) and like they have come a long way in a short period of time since the band was formed. The lead singer has tons of emotion that pour through his lyrics, and they have phenomenal back-up harmonies. This band reminds me of bands such as: Stray Light Run, Sparta, and Thursday. Like the previous mentioned band, The English Channel, they too sound very radio friendly as-is! Raw-talent, that will be multiplied by a studio produced recording session.

    4. Play For Keeps – This band is fortunate to have two great assets, a solid singer and strong guitar player who rocks our great rifts. I’d like to see them on stage as the fourth and final band.


    * As for the remaining four bands, they all have a good sound, but don’t really fit the vibe for BITE. *

    5. Benton Paul – Reminds me of various folk artists, such as Colin Hay…which is good, but again not for this scene.

    6. Someday Hero – Has a certain O.A.R. sound but the lyrics come off a little flat and seem to lack emotion. I could definitely see this band playing at BITE….someday…but no today.

    7. Offset Season – Good band, I like the harmonies and lead vocals, BUT I think they go a bit over-the-top with sound effects and fill-ins. They also sound too much like Rascal Flats, and I don’t think would be a good fit for this scene.

    8. Ministry Of Love – I’ve actually seen them play before, at Extreme Thing, and think the lead singer has a beautiful voice, but “I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again…” she sounds better suited for country music. Has a very apparent twang to her voice. It’s a little strange to hear her sing, accompanied by the music surrounding her…because the band has great energy and sound but the two seem to mix like oil and water.

    1. The vote is for entertainment purposes only. Judging will be on September 15th 🙂

    2. TJ says:

      I agree with you, except I’d move Avalon Landing up a little higher than 3rd. I also think they sound a little like Agustana… Both lead singers have awesone voices and play the piano. Very cool relaxed sound!

    3. victoria says:

      very truthful, mad props to rare honesty. i have almost the same choices but i would swap Ministry Of Love for Avalon Landing. maybe in a cd contest Avalon would win but in a live show battle, MOL is too energetic and fun.

    4. Matt says:

      Totally disagree, BENTON PAUL is the perfect fit for this year’s BITE. He fits right with Colbie Caillat and Mat Kearney! I want to see all three!

  6. Ministry Of Love is great vote vote for them

  7. Nia says:

    i saw MINISTRY OF LOVE play at the hard rock. the guitar player did a backflip and changed a string while he was playing. im seriously not even making that up. honestly they’re the best live vegas band ive seen since ronnie still sang for ETF

  8. Meg Vitale says:

    Wow, a lot of comments for us! Thanks so much for your support everyone, every member of MOL is soooo excited and beyond grateful for even being acknowledged in this competition! All of the bands and artists are SO talented, Thursday is going to be a BLAST!! ❤

  9. hjjhgjg says:

    Play For Keeps wooooo

    1. Genesis says:

      Yeah wooooo

  10. Genesis says:

    Play for keeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ministry of Love hands down the best band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Shocker says:

    A fight took place, and the worst band on the bill won. This isn’t fixed at all.

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