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The New Dating Trend: Smelling a Bunch of People’s Dirty T-Shirts to Find Your Compatible Pheromone Match:

Speed dating is out.  PHEROMONE PARTIES are in.  There’s a new trend where single people go to an event where they can smell other people’s UNWASHED SHIRTS . . . and mark the ones that appeal to them.  If they liked someone’s smell and the other person liked their smell, they get matched up.

Your eyes have done a horrible job at finding the right people to date.  Your brain hasn’t done much better.  So maybe it’s time to make the call to the bullpen and let your nose have a crack at it.  Apparently, there’s a small growing trend in dating called PHEROMONE PARTIES.  Here’s how it works:  You wear a t-shirt to bed three nights in a row, without wearing deodorant.  Then you bring the shirt to the party.  People of the opposite sex get to smell each shirt and mark the ones they like.  Just like in speed dating, after everyone’s smelled everything, people who both liked each other’s scents get matched up and exchange contact info.  25-year-old Judith Prays came up with the idea for pheromone parties, and at the first one she did, 12 of the 40 people in attendance, quote, “hooked up” with someone . . . and three of those couples turned into real relationships.


SOURCE:  (Time)


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