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…And Now A Dog Video That’ll Make You Cry

If you are a pet owner like me, the video after the jump will likely make your eyes well up, your blood boil…and thankfully make you smile at the end.

The organization Hope For Paws received a call from someone reporting they had seen an abandoned dog that was much worse for wear in a South Los Angeles parking lot. Volunteers headed to the property and at first glance couldn’t find the dog…

However after some searching, in a corner tucked away behind a broom, they found the pup. Her hair over-grown. Severely underweight, and incredibly scared. After closer examination, they realized the dog was actually blind in both eyes.

The dog was so frightened, it peed itself as they tried to whisk her away to get care.

However, they brought the dog with them and gave it a well needed shower and trimming. The flea infestation was like nothing they had ever seen. As you’ll see in the video, this mangy mutt ended up getting the care and attention it needed, was able to re-gain vision in one eye, and is a bouncing bundle of joy!

There are an incredible amount of pets abandoned in the valley, that on top of the several thousand in valley rescues. They are always in need of donations and volunteers! Heck, it’s part of the reason why we throw Pet-A-Palooza every year!

So do a great thing for your family and neighbors: get involved! Donate! Perhaps volunteer or open your doors to a pet as a foster parent. There are plenty of non-profit rescues in the valley! Find the one nearest you.

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