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Vote now for your favorite songs! Then tune in Thursday at 8 p.m. to hear your requests in the top five countdown.

Send your song requests by voting here, texting “Mix” and the song to 96750 or call 364-9400.

Voting ends Thursday at 5 p.m.

Comments (10)
  1. This poll is by far the worst one I’ve voted on so far. I voted for The Script. When I started voting for them their voting percent was at .85% and 12 minutes later when I got cut off from voting (yeah I know, it’s always a short period for me) their voting percent was at .83% That is truly messed up. I’m going to be like my counterpart fans and not vote on this poll no more. If mix941 “ever” decides to change their poll to a limit of 20 votes per day per person, I’ll come back.

    1. Jona says:

      It’s limited to one vote per person right now.

    2. Eurico says:

      Oh stop crying…. even Ryan Start (what is that? o0) got more votes then The Script u.u

      1. Merely stating the facts here E. If your Artist didn’t have so many votes you wouldn’t be so bold I’m sure. How many people are going to PetaPalooza? I’ll be there. So will Haley Reinhart and quite a few more Artist. I look forward to it as I will be taking my English Bully with me. 🙂

  2. child of the eldergood says:

    *lol* wow – I really got used to see the actual numbers of votes.

  3. A good Hacker can tell who is using voting BOTS for their voting on the poll, watch for the rising “Star”. lol

  4. Mix941 I would highly recommend removing Kris Allen from the voting poll. The fans are using a Voting Bot (cheating), these bots steal other peoples IP addresses thereby also stealing the votes from them as well. Their vote percent jumped in one second up .18% and that my friend is not possible, I don’t care how many votes they have unless they have bots voting for them! It’s just not fair to everyone else on the poll who truly wishes to vote. Another reason why you should limit the daily votes per person.

  5. Excuse me, I made a mistake in the Artist, not Kris Allen, but Ryan Star. Sorry.

  6. Eurico says:

    Damn! Haley is #2 ;(

  7. Eurico says:

    Although I believe that Ryan Star’s fans aren’t manually voting, I think it’s not possible to “steal a ip address” nor “steal votes”…

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