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Currently working on the music video for “Where Have You Been,” a makeup-less Rihanna let fans into the dance studio as she learned choreography.

At first seemingly camera shy, Rihanna admitted, “This is overhead light which is not cute.”

After covering her face with her hands, she eventually warmed up to being filmed.

“Right now we are in dance rehearsals for ‘Where Have You Been’ music video which is I can’t tell you how rare. Only because my schedule has always been so busy, it never really allowed for us to spend time rehearsing and making up dance moves,” she said.

The nearly three minute clip follows Rihanna and her dancers as they practice new steps for the video. Giving an up-close view of the fancy footwork, the video will be a departure from her previous videos.

“I was never going to shoot this video if I couldn’t do choreography ’cause it would be pretty pointless,” Rihanna admitted. “It would be disappointing.”

With plenty of shoulder shaking and sharp pops alongside a heavy bass beat, “Where Have You Been” will likely be a summer hit for Rihanna.

“This one is just all performance. It’s all about evoking an emotion through your body,” Rihanna said.

What at first seemed like praise for her tireless work ethic, RiRi’s choreographer Hi-Hat said, “Yesterday she was dancing with french fries in her hand.”

“I was dancing, eating my dinner. I didn’t take an hour to go have dinner like a human being,” Rihanna said. “I ate my dinner standing up.”

The truth of the matter is, she was late to rehearsal and didn’t have time for a real dinner break. “The hour that she was supposed to have lunch she wasn’t here yet for rehearsal,” Hi-Hat said.

The video is titled “Where Have You Been Making of Part 1” which means there is more footage to come. Fans will have to tune in to see whether or not Rihanna will show up on time for the next practice.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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