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By JC Fernandez

Mercedes told us about her latest addiction, Home Goods.  Be strong Mercedes you can beat it.

They always tell us that in radio you should leave your political beliefs OFF air. You don’t want to alienate yourself from half of your audience.  Well this morning Mark and Mercedes threw that rule out the window – AUDIO CLIP 1.

Mercedes wants to know who would want to watch an OCTOMOM porn?  All in favor say “I.” I!

If you thought Mark was mean when he told us he would torture his sister by secretly cranking up her radio, or Mercedes was cruel when she admitted to giving her younger brother raspberries… well  compared to OUR listeners Mark and Mercedes are SAINTS –  AUDIO CLIP 2.

Mercedes wants everyone to know that she has 5,000 Facebook Friends.

We received marriage advice from Selma and Kenny who have been married for 72 years. Everything sounded peachy in the audio we played but I dug a little deeper. Could there be trouble in paradise? Take a listen – AUDIO CLIP 3.

We played some audio from a classic 1980’s self defense video – AUDIO CLIP 4. In other words act like former Producer Blair.

We talked about the Secret Service prostitution scandal and how sexy the prostitutes are.  Hey – now we know why Mark has been rushing to get his passport… he’s planning a trip to Columbia!

Finally, Mercedes Dad gave her some life advice – “while driving if animal jumps out  in front of you HIT IT. Because you’ll probably be in a worst accident if you swerve to avoid it.”  Here’s the audio of Mercedes explaining the advice her dad gave her and for some reason she adds in the advice that MY dad gave me – AUDIO CLIP 5.


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