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By JC Fernandez

If you’re going BALD, instead of trying to hide it with a comb-over or hair plugs . . . just shave it all off.  Because now there’s PROOF that it’s your best option.

Dr. Albert Mannes is a lecturer at the Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania.  And he just published the results of three studies that found people RESPECT and REVERE men with shaved heads.

His studies included things like having people judge photos of men with hair . . . then others judge the same men in pictures where their hair had been Photoshopped out.

And he found in every case that men with shaved heads were perceived as more DOMINANT, more powerful, more influential, more confident, more masculine, and more authoritative than men with hair.

There’s more.  People also estimated men with shaved heads were an inch taller and 13% stronger.  Men with full heads of hair were ranked below men with shaved heads in basically every category . . . and men with thinning hair ranked below both.

Dr. Mannes’s theory is that shaved heads are associated with some of the most masculine jobs in the U.S. like the military, law enforcement, and sports.  And since hair is so revered, men who shave it off are seen as confident.

Source: NBC News


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