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Can You Lose 17 Pounds A Year By Switching From Wine To Beer?

We’ve got good news and bad news.  The good news:  A new study has found that there’s no such thing as a beer belly, and if you switch from wine to beer, you can lose 17 pounds a year!

The bad news?  The study was sponsored by . . . the beer industry.  So, ya know, they’ve got a horse in the race.

Dr. Kathryn O’Sullivan is the nutritionist who ran the study . . . again, on the beer industry’s dime.  And she found if you drink beer in moderation, it’s no more likely to give you a big belly than drinking anything else.

Quote, “If you are a massive consumer of beer, you will of course put on weight.  But if you are a massive consumer of wine, the same would be true.”  She says that’s also true for other forms of alcohol . . . or even just juice.

AND, she says, if you’re drinking two large glasses of wine every night, you could save 160 calories by switching to two 12-ounce bottles of beer.  That adds up to almost 60,000 calories a year . . . or about 17 pounds.

Source: The Drinks Business

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