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Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis from CHIPPENDALES.

A true example to never judge a book by its cover, most would have taken one look at Chippendales, Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis, and dismissed them as egocentric pretty boys. But a funny thing happened along the way on The Amazing Race. These two captured the hearts of America.  Determined to win the million dollars in order to help Jaymes’ Dad battle cancer, viewers got to see the true heart and soul of what was driving these guys, and there was a whole lot more to them than just muscle.

As they went from the clumsiest team on the race to ultimately become the team to beat, the world got to see an entirely different view of Chippendales through Jaymes and James. Through fair game play, being polite, helping others, and always having a positive attitude the two showed that you really can be successful without bringing negativity to the game.

“The race is a once in a lifetime experience,” says Vaughan. “Why would you want to do anything but create positive memories? So that’s what we did. Win or lose we said, ‘let’s just have a great time’.”

In the end the duo became the runners-up on The Amazing Race much to dismay of fans and media alike.  Entertainment Weekly claimed “These guys should have won the race,” and fans rallied behind them to raise over thirty thousand dollars to help Jaymes’ Dad fight his cancer.

When they aren’t starring in the world famous Chippendales at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, they devote much of their time to charity. The duo has lent their newfound notoriety to charities like American Cancer Society, Human Rights Campaign, and Aid For AIDS, just to name a few.

“The race gave us a platform, and it’s our job to use that to help others” says Davis.
“Especially since our fans did so much to help us after the race,” adds Vaughan.

The two also have recently combined musical talents to record an album and will be touring in over 20 U.S. cities this summer including stops in New Orleans, Chicago and Miami. Their debut single “Light Up The Skies,” by Jaymes and James is presently working its way up the dance charts (now available on iTunes).

In addition to headlining in Vegas, making music and helping charities, the duo are also currently in production on their new travel show “What The Hell Do We Do Here?”  “It’s just us being us,” says Vaughan.

“We are always honest. When we look stupid, it’s because we did something stupid, and we don’t try to cover that up.”

“And this show is a whole lot of us, just being true to us, and trying to show you the world at the same time,” adds Davis.

“Trying, being the key word,” laughs Vaughan.

“We feel super blessed that all of these amazing opportunities have come out of ultimately losing a television game show, but we both know, whenever one door closes, another ten always open, and dag gone it, we are gonna walk through all of ‘em,” says Vaughan.

“We’re always down for an adventure, whatever is through those doors,” adds Davis.

And for these two, the adventure has only just begun.

Follow Jaymes and James at
On Twitter: @JaymesV  @James_MNE

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