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Get The Dirt On Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips sat down with Us Magazine to talk about American Idol, long distance relationships, and skinny dipping. Check it out.

Have you been watching “American Idol”?
No. I have not. (Laughs.)

Would you want Nicki Minaj to have been a judge on your season?
It wouldn’t bother me. Either way, it’s just three or four people’s opinions. That’s how I took it. I would always take their opinions and see if it was right or not in my eyes. I wouldn’t let it bother me at all just because – how is she going to – ehhh, nevermind.
Does your girlfriend, Hannah Blackwell, go on tour with you?
Yeah. Most the time she does

Have you two ever dated long distance?

It sucks! We did it for a little while, like one year, but you gotta talk on the phone every day. You can’t text. She’s here with me [now]. We used to Skype.

Give me one secret. Did you ever skinny-dip in high school?
Ah, yeah! Skinny-dipping is free. It’s nice to go skinny-dipping, but it is not good when you’re just by yourself. But I’ve gone skinny-dipping with other people before. There have been a lot of things, [I’ve done] I can’t even think of!

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