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By Shawn Tempesta

English is tough. Seriously, many call it one of the world’s most difficult languages to master. What’s bad is many of us “English As A First Language” types can barely get the basics right!

I was reading a website where, in a written question and answer, the person emphasized a word in ALL CAPS… spelled incorrectly. Yikes.

So, in my mission to be the most annoying Grammar and Spelling referee on the internet, here are my list of things I see people get incorrect on a constant basis. If you know a friend that has violated any of these important rules, please paste this link to them. Let’s Make America Spell Again.

  • YOUR vs YOU’RE: Your is for “Your headlights are on”. You’re is for “You’re a great person”. “Your” not a great person. “You’re” not a headlight. If you get this incorrect more than once a year, please destroy all writing utensils and keyboards near you. Unforgivable.
  • “FOR ALL INTENSIVE PURPOSES”: I’ll admit. I got this wrong until last week. It’s “For all intents and purposes”. It’s also an overused crutch, so you may be better off skipping this one altogether…which brings us to…
  • ALLTOGETHER: It’s altogether.
  • THERE/THEIR/THEY’RE: Same as Your vs You’re. “They’re driving their car over there”. Correct. “Did you get they’re message?” Not correct.
  • GRAMMER: If you are speaking about award winning singer songwriter Andy Grammer, you’re correct. If you are talking about the system of the English language, it is “GRAMMAR”.
  • INTICRILE: This is not a word. Neither is Inticrial. It’s Integral. In a sentence: “Using a dictionary and spell check is an integral part of writing”.
  • AIN’T: This word can only be used ironically.
  • I COULD CARE LESS: That means you care a little.
  • MOMENTO: Here’s a memento for you, you are spelling it incorrectly.

Now, this is a very short list, and I could go on (just reading one particular staff member here at the station could be a series of blogs – but I digress). Alas, that’s on top of mind right now. What misspellings and misuses drive you nuts? Comment here or on Facebook…

*(The misspelling was on purpose)


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