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By Mercedes

A recent survey asked people who’ve been divorced why their relationship didn’t work out.  Here are the top nine answers:



1.  “We weren’t in love anymore.”  Which is kind of vague, but fair enough.  And “we grew apart” also made the list, but it basically means the same thing.



2.  “We weren’t attracted to each other anymore.”  Meaning physically.



3.  Someone cheated.  And the relationship couldn’t survive it.



4.  One person wanted kids, and the other didn’t.  Which is why you should have a serious conversation about it BEFORE you get married.



5.  Work got in the way.  Which usually means someone put their job first.



6.  There was alcohol or drug abuse.  And the other person couldn’t take it anymore.



7.  “We wanted to live in different places.”  Either for work, or to be closer to family.



8.  “We didn’t have anything in common anymore.”  Or they realized they didn’t actually have enough in common to begin with.



9.  “We broke up because of an ILLNESS.”  It’s easy to SAY you’ll stay together “in sickness and in health.”  But DOING it is a lot harder for some people.



This story was originally reported by Female First

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