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By JC Fernandez

Here are the big “winners”:



1.  A scientist from Egypt did a study on whether wearing different types of PANTS would affect the sex lives of rats.  So he made them tiny little polyester, cotton, and wool pants to wear.  As far as we know, there was no effect.



2.  A team from New Zealand ran a study to determine if ROCKS have personalities, or, at least, if people THINK rocks have different personalities.  And apparently we DO.  But the team still hasn’t figured out what to do with that discovery.



3.  Scientists in Germany found that if you have an itch on the left side of your body, you can look in the mirror and scratch that spot on the right side to relieve it.



4.  A study out of Belgium asked 1,000 liars how often they lie, and then the scientists believed the results and published them.



5.  A British scientist spent the past year trying to get a better understanding of animals, by living in the wilderness wearing costumes and prosthetics and trying to mimic goats, deer, badgers, foxes, and more.



6.  And finally, Japanese scientists ran a study that found things look different when you bend over and look at them through your legs.



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