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By Amanda Wicks

Maroon 5 twist what it means to be a celebrity in the Pokémon Go age. In the band’s new video for their single “Don’t Wanna Know,” they dress up like colorful Pokemon-style characters and face a public hungry to capture them on their phones.

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But if their colorful costumes make it seem like Maroon 5 has turned a corner in their image and are aiming for something more kid-friendly, think again. Everyone still parties hard. If anything, their overblown characters only contrast the very adult lifestyle each one leads.

Levine’s character has had enough of the gorgeous women and late nights and endless booze, though. He craves “the one that got away” aka Sarah Silverman dressed like a flirty orange, and he spends the video moping about because life keeps them apart.

Things turn meta at the halfway mark when a director yells cut during a moment when Maroon 5 is performing “Don’t Wanna Know” in an empty warehouse. He tries to get Levine to wear a cowboy hat. “I don’t know, man, I don’t know if I want to be, like, silly,” Levine tells him, explaining that he doesn’t want to go off-brand from the image Maroon 5 has cultivated. Said, of course, while wearing a colorful turtle costume.

Silverman, Ed Helms and Vince Vaughn all appear in the video, which was directed by David Dobkin, who also directed the band’s video for “Sugar.”

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