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What’s Trending 03/17/17

What’s Trending: Friday, March 17th, 2017



* Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

* If you’re wishing someone a Happy St. Paddy’s Day, make sure you spell it with two d’s and not two t’s!

* Irish people really dislike the term St. Patty’s, as the nickname is only applicable to Patricia—a woman’s name—and not a man, which St. Patrick was.

* St. Paddy’s is appropriate, however, because the alternative spelling is a nickname for Pádraig, a variant of Patrick.



* Deciding on a baby name? Then steer clear of these names because they’re the most common among murderers!

* The top murderer names are: Alan, Harold, Russell, Daniel, and Justin.

* And another interesting fact is that there are a larger number of criminals who go by nicknames like Johnny, Randy, Bobby, Willie, Terry, and Billy.



* Experts say marriage is a wonderful thing and after years of research, they see 8 common things that happen after couples tie the knot.

-Upgraded confidence

– You stop caring about minor imperfections

– More compromising

– You’re suddenly aware and paranoid of age and statistics

– You do have a bed side preference

– You understand scheduled relations

– You’re suddenly the love expert in your group of friends

– Every ex loses their importance in your life.



* What will never go out of style? This is currently trending…those things that, no matter how old, will always be meaningful and amazing.

* Some of the things mentioned include:

-Marilyn Monroe

– Books

– Good manners

– The Original Most Interesting Man In The World

– Red lips

– Plaid

– Nike

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