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What’s Trending 03/20/17

What’s Trending: Monday, March 20th, 2017



* The live action version of the Disney classic scored huge in the box office over the weekend making $170 million domestically and an additional $180 million internationally.

* It was also the biggest March debut ever and the seventh-best opening in history.

* Experts say there were 5 reasons the movie was such a success:

1) Emma Watson delivered.

2) Everyone loved the original.

3) The females showed up for this movie! 60% of the audience was female.

4)  It’s Disney.

5) The timing was perfect…there’s been a lot of violent movies in the box office lately and it had been over a month since a family movie was released.



* Study shows the first letter of your last name may affect your success in life.

* Those surnames in the latter half of the alphabet are less likely to be identified by teachers as outstanding students.

* Experts call it “alphabetism” and they suggest that teachers call attendance in reverse order.

* The good news is that the effects seem to dissipate by your 30s.



* The crying Jordan meme is out and the Crying Northwestern Kid meme is in!

* During the second half of the Northwester-Gonzaga game on Saturday, one kid became internet famous.

* He didn’t agree with a call and had a total meltdown.

* This kid is all of us when our team is losing during an important game.



* Study shows apps and social media can disturb sleep cycles.

* The use of the internet leads to people delaying bedtime by more than one and a half hours!

* It is also making people wake up 90 minutes late!

* People usually check their phones and tablets at least four times after going to bed.

* Leave your phones or tablets in another room or on the other side of the room if you need them for your alarm!

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