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By Mercedes

What’s Trending on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017



* April Fools Day is this Saturday and if you’re looking to play a prank, there are some good ones that are trending right now and they’re not your tired fake engagement or fake pregnancy posts on Facebook.

* Some include:

Posting a photo of you with a fake tattoo.

Photoshopping Nicolas Cage into your profile picture.

Like everything someone has ever posted.

Change your (or someone else’s) birthday.

Tag a friend in irrelevant photos.



* Lorde was recently in the US and she feels like we are slackers when it comes to our chocolate (audio).

* She was so excited to get crème-eggs in the UK that she and a radio host sang a song about them to the tune of “Green Light.”

* To see the whole interview, check out our FB page.



* Twitter has unveiled a new “mute” feature that could prevent spoilers.

* It allows users to mute words, phrases, hashtags, and more from their timelines so you don’t have to worry about finding out about your favorite shows before you watch them.

* You can also set a specific time period for muted words and hashtags to disappear from your notifications tab, push notifications, SMS, email notifications, home timeline and from replies!



* The show “Trading Spaces” is returning to TLC after 10 years off the air.

* It’s the OG show that started the whole DIY craze.

* The show is set to debut next year.

* No word on if the former host, Paige Davis, will return.

* In a statement she said, “All I know is that fans are constantly bringing up to me how much they miss the show…so with TLC bringing it back, there will for sure be a lot of happy viewers out there!”


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