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By Mercedes

What’s Trending on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017



* Study shows that country music has the most drug references of any genre.

* It’s followed by jazz, pop, electronic, rock, other, folk, and rap respectively.

* Yes, that’s correct: rap is among the least likely genres to mention drugs.

* Experts say the genre is undergoing a fundamental transformation and rappers aren’t talking about drugs as much as they used to decades ago.



* Today is the perfect date! Well, according to the movie Miss Congeniality!

* If you saw the movie, you probably remember this scene when Miss Rhode Island is asked about the perfect date.

* In the nearly two decades since the film’s 2000 release, scientists have strengthened the case that the earth is getting warmer, primarily because of the greenhouse effect caused by fossil fuels.

* They say that spring days are coming earlier but April 25th will always be a date that delights the internet.



* Survey shows that millennials don’t feel “grown up” until age 27.

* How old were you when you finally felt like an adult?

* Most said they felt like a fully mature adult depending on certain milestones like having kids or moving out of their parents’ home.

* Millennials are taking longer to move out on their own because of a competitive jobs market, modest entry-level salaries and the high cost of living.



* Is Katy Perry giving clues about her next single?

* Yesterday she emailed her fans a “World’s Best Cherry Pie” recipe.

* It’s your standard take on the All-American dessert but the copy’s playful tone is raising some eyebrows.

* More importantly, she signed off with “Bon Appetit”—the name of an unreleased song.

* She told E! News during the Grammy’s that she has a song called “Bon Appetit” that she loves and that it’s pretty sexual.

* See her cherry pie recipe on our Facebook page and judge for yourself.


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