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By Mercedes

What’s Trending on Thursday, May 11th, 2017



* Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doubled down on his political aspirations saying that “it’s a real possibility” that he will one day run for president of the United States.

* He says it started coming up a lot last year and it really made him think about it seriously.

* He started to ask himself some questions about actually going for it and the answer is always “yes.”




* There is one day of the week that you are most likely to get lucky

* A new study has revealed that people tend to increasingly be in the mood for love the closer to the weekend you get.

* It’s probably no surprise that Monday is the least “sexiest” day of the week.

* After Monday, Wednesday is a pretty miserable day, too.



* Tesla has started taking orders for premium solar roofs!

* Installations are starting next month, beginning with California and gradually rolling out to other US markets.

* The typical homeowner can expect to pay $21.85 per square foot…for a 3000-sq-ft- roof, that’s estimated at $79,500 plus $7000 for a Powerwall battery system.

* Savings include a $21k tax credit and $41,900 in reduced electricity.

* The head of Tesla, Elon Musk says that if you fast forward 15 years, it’s going to be unusual to have a roof that does not have solar.

* He also says that in most areas of the country, houses have enough roof area to provide power for all of the household’s needs.



* Pepsi has introduced a new flavor of soda.

* If you prefer Fireball to Jameson, Jack or Jim beam, you will probably love it.

* Pepsi just launched a cinnamon-flavored cola called Pepsi Fire.

* Right now it’s only available in Slurpee form at select 7-Eleven stores in Michigan but cans of Pepsi Fire have hit shelves in Thailand, Mexico, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

* There’s been no formal announcement of when we will get it but all signs are pointing to later this year.


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