NOT SO SILENT NIGHT 2017: Get Tix Today! See Kelly Clarkson, All Time Low & Secondhand Serenade

What’s Trending 05/23/17

What’s Trending on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017



* 19 people are confirmed dead after an incident at an Ariana Grande concert.

* The incident occurred at the Manchester Arena. Dozens more are injured.

* Police are treating the incident as an act of terror.

* More than 50 people were reported injured.

* According to police, an explosion took place outside the venue in a public space as people were leaving the show.

* A male at the scene has been identified as the probable bomber and a US official said suicide bombing is now considered to be the “likely” reason for the blast.



* Study shows Sunday is the worst night to get good sleep.

* People tend to get the best rest on Thursday nights.

* The reason is that many people go to bed later on Friday and Saturday nights and then sleep in later on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

* So, when they go to bed on Sunday, they’re often just not tired.

* Doctors recommend having a regular wake-up time, even on the weekends.



* The Bachelorette is finally here! The premiere with Rachel Lindsay premiered last night.

* The 32-year-old attorney, who made it a final three on Nick Viall’s season met her 31 suitors.

* Some of the more cringeworthy suitors included:

-Adam, who exited the limo with a four-foot-tall doll, Adam Jr.

-Matt, who showed up in a penguin costume

-Jonathan who said “I wanted to make sure you had at least one good laugh tonight,” and proceeded to tickle her.

-Lucas, who should her a little bit of “Whaboom.”


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