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By Mercedes

What’s Trending on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017



§ Selena Gomez isn’t just releasing a music…she’s releasing a film based on her single, “Bad Liar.”

§ She posted three nearly identical posters to her Instagram and Twitter and they have people asking…is this a real movie or just some elaborate marketing for a new music video.

§ Along with the posters, she wrote “#BadLiar – a film. Coming Wedneday.

§ Whatever it is, it will be released sometime this morning.



§ The best moms in the world have this trait in common… having a tight-knit network of friends.

§ Research shows that moms with a tight-knit network of friends report feeling closer to their children.

§ They also feel more capable of being a supportive and authoritative figure in the household.

§ On the other hand, isolated mothers without a social circle were more likely to struggle with keeping their children under control.

§ So don’t feel guilty for your girls’ nights outs! It’s making you a better mom!



§ It appears the pop star has been running a secret IG account @onionringsworldwide that rates onion rings

§ A New Zealand news site was tipped off to the account which had only 24 followers, Lorde being one of them.

§ All the locations noted in captions of the four onion ring photos (Sydney, Hatfield, New York and onboard a flight from Tennessee to Hew York) match the singer’s recent travels.

§ The account was deleted after the site reached out to Lorde’s team for comment.



§ A study shows that 70% of smartphone apps share your data with third-party services.

§ When you install a new app, it asks for the user’s permission before accessing personal information.

§ Some of the info these apps are collecting is necessary for them to work properly (especially apps like maps, that need GPS.)

§ But once an app has permission to collect that information, it can share your data with anyone the app’s developer wants to, letting third-party companies track where you are, how fast you are moving and what you are doing.



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