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What’s Trending on Friday, June 16th, 2017



§ Jurors in the Bill Cosby trial say they’re deadlocked but the judge tells them to keep deliberating.

§ The jury sent a note to Judge Steven O’Neill that said, “We cannot come to a unanimous consensus on any of the counts.”

§ They’ve been deliberating since Monday evening.

§ There is no limit to how many times a judge can issue the Spencer Charge, which is a set of instructions that asks jurors to re-examine their own views and opinions.

§ If, after further deliberations, they still cannot reach consensus, a hung jury will cause the judge to declare a mistrial.



§ What’s the secret to happiness? Sleep!

§ A new survey finds that “perfectly happy” people get 7.1 hours of sleep per night.

§ “Mostly happy” people sleep seven hours and “somewhat happy” people sleep 6.9 hours.

§ Women report getting the least amount of sleep, and those reporting the fewest hours also said they were the least happy.

§ Less than 6.8 hours of sleep meant complete unhappiness in relationships, constant worry, and never a shred of gratitude.



§ Nickelback has dealt with a harsh critic or two in their day and now they’re passing on advice about how to deal with the judgment.

§ When asked what advice they would give the Chainsmokers, who some are saying are “the Nickelback of 2017” here’s what they say, “Don’t Google Yourself.”

§ They also say to play for the fans and pay attention to that because you’re not there for people that don’t like your band.

§ Nickelback’s national tour kicks off on June 23rd and they have a new album dropping today.



§ The annual congressional baseball game is in the books.

§ Democrats beat the Republican team, 11-2.

§ The game took place just one day after a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers practicing for the game in Alexandria, Virginia.

§ Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and critically injured.

§ Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been pushing for more civilized debate between political opponents since the shooting.


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