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What’s Trending on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017



§ The VMAs are less than three weeks away and the network has revealed its first group of performers for the Aug. 27th show.

§ On the lineup are: host Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran, Fifth Harmony, Lorde, The Weeknd, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Shawn Mendes.

§ Kendrick Lamar is the most nominated artist for his video, “Humble.”

§ Perry and the Weeknd are tied for second with five nominations each.



§ Some words, regardless of their meaning, are funnier than others.

§ A new survey asked people to rate the “humor value” of nearly 5000 words.

§ People ranked the humor value and we now know the funniest words in the English language.

§ See if you laugh as I give you #1: booty.

§ Some of the other funniest words include: booby, hooter, nitwit, twit, waddle, tinkle, egghead, and twerp.

§ What words make you laugh?



§ To confirm that you lose a lot of sleep as a parent, we now have the Lost Sleep Calculator.

§ It really puts things into perspective.

§ The calculator tells how much sleep parents will lose based on the age of their children.

§ The calculator also figures out how many diapers we’ve changed, how many bedtime stories we’ve read, and how many lullabies we’ve sung.

§ Between my two kids, I’ve lost 6660 hours, which is 278 days or 9 months.

§ We’ve posted the link for you to try it out on our Facebook page.



§ Study: Vegetarians and Vegans are more depressed than meat eaters.

§ A new study shows that those who give up meat are almost twice as likely to suffer from depression than those on a conventional balanced diet.

§ Experts say that giving up meat means that vegetarians have a lower vitamin and mineral intake.

§ The lack of B12 influences mood and this affects mental health.

§ Of course, there’s always pros and cons of every food and cutting out red meat is said to lower the danger of heart problems, obesity and diabetes.

§ The number of vegans has leapt by 360% in the past decade.


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