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By Mercedes

What’s Trending on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017



§ Apparently, Kate Hudson thinks that women who have C-sections are taking the easy way out of labor and childbirth.

§ The actress filled out a survey as part of her feature story and when asked to share the laziest thing she’s ever done she wrote, “Have a C-Section!”

§ That’s not sitting well with a lot of readers.

§ According to the CDC, C-Sections account for 32% of all births.

§ Some people wrote, “It’s nice to know what you think of the majority of women who gave birth that way. Thanks sarcasm.”

§ Another added, “Maybe if us c section moms were made to feel like —- and less than moms for not giving birth vaginally, we could all just laugh this off as a bad joke.”

§ She has yet to respond to the criticism.



§ Study shows over time, couples develop the same tastes.

§ They found that a couple’s smell and taste preferences are more likely to be similar the longer they have been together.

§ But partners that like the same foods aren’t more likely to be satisfied in their relationships and those who shared smell preferences were actually less satisfied.

§ So if you still can’t stand your spouse’s love of anchovies after a couple of decades of marriage, you may be doing something right.



§ The contenders for the Toy Hall of Fame Class of 2017 have been announced.

§ Up for the honor this year are the paper airplane, sand, play food, Risk, Clue, the Magic 8 ball, Matchbox cars, My Little Pony, the PEZ dispenser, Transformers, Uno and Wiffle Ball.

§ Two are three toys will be inducted Nov. 9th into The Strong museum in Rochester.

§ The winners will join 63 prior inductees including the dollhouse, dominoes, bubbles and Big Wheels.


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