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A seismograph started acting up during a 2011 show in New Zealand.

By Hayden Wright

Dave Grohl has plenty of accomplishments under his belt: He helped pioneer grunge as a member of Nirvana and sold millions of albums with his next band, the Foo Fighters. But reflecting on his achievements, it’s not the commercial or cultural power of his work that he rates the highest. It’s the time the Foos rocked so hard at a show in 2011 in Western Springs, New Zealand, they basically triggered an earthquake.

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“We played at some speedway outside of town and the audience was jumping around so much that it triggered the seismograph,” he told The New Zealand Herald. “We have that seismograph readout of the show on the wall in the studio. I’m probably more proud of that, then anything we’ve ever done,” he said.

Foo fans have even more hard rocking to look forward to on their ninth studio album, which comes out today. On the album, Grohl promises big sound.

“Let’s go in and make as big of a noise as we can and really milk these songs for every ounce of melody or harmony or orchestration, just blow it up sonically,” he said. “That was the idea before we even went to start recording.”


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