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By Mercedes

What’s Trending on Monday, November 6th, 2017



§ The community in a small Texas town is mourning the loss of 26 people killed in a church shooting.

§ The church was the sight of the deadliest mass shooting in the state’s history when a gunman opened fire during a Sunday morning service.

§ The shooting spree was stopped by a community member who shot at the gunman outside the church.

§ The suspect was found dead a short time later but it isn’t yet known if he took his own life or was shot.

§ The US Air Force is confirming the man identified as the shooter served in its ranks.



§ It appears you’ll once again be entering another dimension.

§ A new version of “The Twilight Zone” will soon run on the CBS All Access streaming service.

§ CEO Les Moonves made the announcement of the reboot late last week and reports are that Jordan Peele is tapped to oversee the production.

§ CBS All Access plans to mix new programming with old formats to encourage people to sign up for the stand-alone $5.99 per month streaming service.



§ Larry David hosted SNL this past weekend and many people say he really crossed the line during his monologue.

§ The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star ended his opening words with a run of jokes that many viewers said were in poor taste, referencing Hitler and concentration camps.

§ The audience groaned and laughed awkwardly.

§ The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League tweeted, “He managed to be offensive, insensitive and unfunny all at the same time. Quite a feat.”



§ One third-grader’s math homework has stumped the internet.

§ Last week, a mom posted a photo showing a section of her 8-year-old daughter Izzy’s homework.

§ She circled one particular problem which states, “Janell had 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?”

§ Izzy’s answer: a question mark.

§ After posting the photos, the mom commented, “If someone can answer this correctly, my child will be done with her homework.!!”

§ No one has come up with a number answer but some alternative suggestions have been offered like, “<15,” “some,” and “15-x.”


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