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By Mercedes

What’s Trending on Thursday, January 18th, 2018



§     The Chainsmokers new single is out and it’s called “Sick Boy.”

§     There was a giant banner in Times Square yesterday to promote the single and it said, “How many likes is my life worth?”

§     The song confronts the narcissism of America.

§     Check out the song and video in its entirety on our FB page.



§     Study shows that people who drink tea are more creative.

§     Tea improves mental clarity and focus which bolsters our creative juices.

§     The effects can be felt within minutes of finishing the beverage.

§     The caffeine and theanine have beneficial effects on attention, which is a big part of cognitive function.

§     So, it may be time to trade in your coffee for tea!



§     The birth of Kim Kardashian’s third child is leaving a lot of fans convinced that Kylie Jenner was the surrogate.

§     Kylie’s pregnancy was first reported back in September and at that point Kim had all-but-confirmed that she and Kanye were expecting their third child via surrogacy.

§     Speculation went into overdrive this week because just a few days ago, sources reported that Kylie had gone into labor over the weekend.

§     Kim’s bundle of joy arriving just three days later is highly suspicious for a lot of their fans.

§     Some of the theories are not just that Kylie was the surrogate but others think that Kim and Kanye are actually adopting Kylie and Travis Scott’s baby and plan on raising it on their own.

§     Kim maintains that their surrogate is an anonymous African-American woman in her twenties who is married with two sons of her own.



§     Championship Sunday is approaching and for those of us who have no rooting interest, all we want is a good matchup.

§     Sports experts have ranked the four possible matchups from most to least watchable.

§     The best matchup they say would be Patriots vs. Vikings, especially because Brady vs. Case Keenum is the best possible QB matchup.

§     Next is Patriots vs. Eagles because they say Tom Brady needs to be in the big game to make it exciting and seeing him go against the Eagles defense could be exciting.

§     Next is Vikings vs. Jaguars and that’s only because of the Vikings receivers vs. the Jaguars cornerbacks…they say the QB matchup is boring.

§     And last is Jaguars vs. Eagles…they say that is worst case scenario because no one wants to watch a Super Bowl that finishes with a score of 10-7.


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