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By Scott T. Sterling

Lauren Jauregui is not having it.

The Fifth Harmony singer is outraged at Florida senator Marco Rubio after he posted Bible verses in the wake of the tragic shooting at the Parkland high school.

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“How do you sleep at night knowing how much of a hypocrite you are? You do know God’s “commands” right? To honor human life is a huge one,” Jauregui said on Twitter in direct response to Rubio’s tweet containing the Bible verse Genesis 22:18. “To not bare false witness is another. Remember this God you claim is all seeing and all knowing. They’ve been with you every second at every secret engagement and phone calls you’ve had towards the demise of democracy in MY home state of Florida.

“You and your arrogant ignorance insult the very God who’s name you hollow in vain. (Which breaks another one of those commands btw) the Jesus I read about would’ve walked into your office and told you himself how appalling it was to watch you stand idly by while the murder of children and innocent citizens continued so you could be a wealthier pig. And I know this because the spirit speaks through me regularly. Go read again if u wanna quote.”

The singer capped off her tweet-storm with a link to a video featuring a Parkland father confronting Rubio at last week’s CNN town hall event that followed the shooting.

“I don’t think he’d be brave enough to respond you,” shared one Jauregui fan after her series of tweets.

“Of course not, Marco Rubio is a coward in every sense of the world,” the singer replied.

See Jauregui’s tweets below.

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