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Mark And Mercedes – “DJ’ing With The Las Vegas Stars” Season 2

Mark and Mercedes have set out to find Mix 94.1’s next great Celebrity DJ! Every Wednesday our Las Vegas Stars will be performing basic on-air DJ tasks.  Each week Mark, Mercedes, JC and YOU the listener will be the judges and vote on who stays and who goes!

The winner will be crowned Mix 94.1’s CELEBRITY DJ and $5,000 will go the charity of the winners choice, courtesy of Chapman Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram!

Hypnotist Marc Savard from MARC SAVARD COMEDY HYPNOSIS was the winner of Season 1. Who will win Season 2?


WEEK 5 – The Finale

For the finale our stars had to write and perform their own “Hot 3.”

WEEK 5 – Performances

Anthony Cools – Judges Score: 22

Marcus Deegan – Judges Score: 27

Stefanie Jay – Judges Score – 30

WEEK 4– Book A Guest

The contestants task for week 4 was to book a guest.  Judges based their scores on level of celebrity, difficulty in obtaining and quality of interview.

Week 4 WINNER – Stefanie Jay

WEEK 4 – Performances:

Angel Porrino –

Guest Booked – The Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets from Absinthe

Judges Score: 19

Anthony Cools –

Guest Booked – Joey Fatone and Amazing Jonathan

Judges Score: 28

Marcus Deegan –

Guest Booked – Jeff Timmons

Judges Score: 26

Stefanie Jay –

Guest Booked – Vince Neil

Judges Score: 30

WEEK 3: Produce and Perform a LIVE commercial.

For week 3 our stars had to write and perform a :60 commercial for the Chapman Automotive Group.  Each star was given a few copy points to work into the commercial, outside of that they had full creative control of the commercial. The more creative the better!

Week 3 WINNER:  Stefanie Jay

Week 3 performances:

Angel Porrino – Judges Score: 25

Anthony Cools – Judges Score: 28

Jeff Timmons – Judges Score: 27

Marcus Deegan – Judges Score: 30

Stefanie Jay – Judges Score: 29

WEEK 2/ Task 2 – Music Knowledge Test

A major part of being a DJ is to be able to identify music. This week we played a montage of five songs and the stars had to identify the artist and title of each song.  They received 1 point for artist and 1 point for title of the song for a possible high score of 10.  To make things a bit easier we chose five songs from the stars favorite genre of music.

WEEK 2 WINNER:  Anthony Cools and Stephanie Jay (TIE)


Week 2 Performance Audio:

Angel Porrino – Total Score – 5
Genre: Top 40 from the past decade

Anthony Cools – Total Score – 5
Genre: 80’s

Jeff Timmons – Total Score – 8
Genre: 90’s

Louie Anderson – Total Score – 3
Genre: 70’s and 80’s R&B

Marcus Deegan – Total Score – 3
Genre: 80’s

Stefanie – Total Score – 6
Genre: 90’s Pop

WEEK 1/ Task 1 – Hitting The Post Of A Song

The contestants task for week 1 was to “hit the post” of a song.  Each contestant randomly picked a song and had to talk over the intro of the song they picked.  The trick is not to talk too long or else you talk over the lyrics, say too little and you leave a awkward gap before the lyrics kick in.

Week 1 WINNER:  Marcus From Thunder

Week 1 Performance Audio:

Marcus Deegan – Judges Score – 28

Johnny Kats – Judges Score – 23

Jeff Timmons – Judges Score – 21

Anthony Cools – Judges Score – 20

Louie Anderson – Judges Score – 20

Stefanie Jay – Judges Score – 20

Angel Porrino  – Judges Score – 19

Meet the Stars:

Angel Porrino from Absinthe: @angelporrino
Charity: Shade Tree

(credit: Getty/  Ethan Miller)

(credit: Getty/ Ethan Miller)

Angel’s Bio.

Hypnotist Anthony Cools: @hypnocools
Charity: Olive Crest.

Anthony Cools

Anthony’s Bio.

Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees and Men of the Strip: @JeffTimmons
Charity: Susan G. Koman

Jeff Timmons

Jeff’s Bio.

Johnny Kats from The Kats Report: @johnnykats
Charity: The Samaritan House of Las Vegas

(credit: Getty Images/ Ethan Miller)

(credit: Getty Images/ Ethan Miller)

Johnny’s Bio.

Louie Anderson from Louie Anderson LIVE at The Plaza: @LouieAnderson

Louie Anderson

Louie’s Bio.

Marcus from Thunder from Down Under: @ThunderVegas
Charity: Make-A-Wish

marcus main photo

Marcus’ Bio.

Stefanie J from Fox 5: @StefanieJay
Charity: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Stephanie J

Stefanie’s Bio.

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