NOT SO SILENT NIGHT 2017: Get Tix Today! See Kelly Clarkson, All Time Low & Secondhand Serenade
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8 Baby Names Riding The Next "Cool Wave"Expectant parents, if you want your baby-to-be to have a name that will rank them among the cool kids of their generation, listen up. These are the latest hip names on the baby block.
Top 10 List: Regrettable Celebrity Baby Names
The Worst Baby Names Parents Gave To Babies In 2012It makes me strangely happy to see American parents still making GOD AWFUL DECISIONS on their children's names. I don't want to live in a world where everyone's named Jack or Lauren.
Most Popular Baby NamesJacob and Sophia were the most popular names for babies born in 2011.
Hottest Baby Names For 2012Lets face it - baby naming has gotten a little carried away. The Jennifer's, Lisa's, Michael's and Peter's of the world are fading away, and a new class of names is here. And most of them are totally ridiculous. Nameberry has come up with a list of hot baby names for 2012, and if your eyes don't roll on at least a few of them, we'll be surprised!
Did You Google Your Kids Name?

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