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Men Like Dating Smarter Women, But Only If It's Long DistanceMen, could you date a woman who's smarter than you? What if she couldn't make you look dumb in front of your friends, because she wasn't there?
Half of Women Say Their Boyfriend Is Average or WorseI'm not sure if this is good news or bad news. But if you thought you were the only woman out there who settled for a so-so boyfriend, that's definitely not the case.
The Top Five Things That Boost a Woman's MoodA new survey asked more than 1,000 women what makes them feel "fabulous", which is kind of vague, but apparently they meant things that put you in a good mood.
A Judge Banned a Woman from Every Walmart for the Rest of Her LifeDoes this fit the definition of cruel and unusual punishment?
The Biggest Complaint Men Have About Females
A Guy Dressed Up as His Girlfriend So He Could Take an Exam For HerNow this is true love, risking international humiliation for the sake of your significant other.
A Woman Attacks an Ice Cream Store Employee For Not Giving Her Enough SprinklesI sympathize with the woman in this story. Because if I order sprinkles on my ice cream cone, even though I'm a fully grown adult, I really DO want a whole mess of sprinkles on that dang cone.
A Woman Leaves Her Home For the Third Time in Ten Years and Falls Into an Open Manholehis is a good way to prove someone's ridiculous phobia was actually totally reasonable.
#AREA941: New Music Show Playlist: March 29 2015
A Woman Is Selling Her House With One Major CatchThis is why you always need to read the fine print when you buy a home.
The Worst Place To Hide MoneyIf you want to see how strong your relationship is, just do something like this, and see how long it lasts.

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