NOT SO SILENT NIGHT 2017: Get Tix Today! See Kelly Clarkson, All Time Low & Secondhand Serenade
The 10 Ways Women Hate Being DescribedThere are a few words you obviously shouldn't use when you're describing a woman. In theory, we shouldn't have to hold your hand through those, so today we're going to focus on the slightly LESS obvious ones.
Men Are Better at Parking Than WomenI would like a recount of the votes please.
62% of Single Women Think Their Pets Are Bad For Their Love LivesDo people still think it's a turn-off when women have cats? Like, lots of cats? People say "no." Women who own cats say "yes."
Women Become Less Stressed When Their Husbands DieYou know when you ask your wife, "Do you know where my black socks are?" and "No, the other black socks" and "Never mind, how about the navy socks" and "No, the other navy socks." It's really wearing her down.
Men and Women Go to Very Different People For Relationship AdviceI personally love the "Psychic Friends Hotline".
UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate On Mercedes In The MorningThe newly crowned UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion took some time from celebrating her victory at UFC 168 to come onto the show!
Women Are the Most Fashionable at 30 While Men Don't Get There Until 36It's hard to be fashionable when you're in your 20s. You know, because it actually requires money. Oh, and a little life experience and sophistication and all that. But mostly money.
The Five Things Men and Women Want to See on a First DateA recent survey asked more than 2,000 men and women what they want to see happen on a first date, specifically at dinner. So if you'll be out with someone new on Valentine's Day, this might help.
Seven Things Men Wish Women Would Do on DatesGet your head out of the gutter because its not those things.
These Places Are Where Men and Women Are Okay Being TouchedEven if this article says it's ok to touch someone in a certain place, it still makes you the weird person at work if you attempt it.
The Ten Things Women Do to Their Bodies That Guys Hate MostLadies, here's something you might want to know before you go all out to "fix" your face. It turns out most guys don't want you to.
Women Are Officially Not As Disgusting As MenYou're not going to believe this, but a new survey found men do something that's grosser than women. I know, shocking news, right

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