What’s Trending on Thursday, January 4th, 2018

January 4, 2018

What’s Trending on Thursday, January 4th, 2018



§     Bruno Mars just dropped a new single last night and we world premiered it right here on Mix 94.1!

§     This time he’s teamed up with Cardi B in the remix to his song “Finesse.”

§     Cardi is on a roll…she recently tied a Billboard Hot 10 milestone that only The Beatles and Ashanti have accomplished in the past, by having her first three entries simultaneously in the Top 10.



§     Survey shows that women are doing some interesting things when they attempt to get pregnant.

§     Researchers asked women about the tricks that they’ve employed to make a baby and one of the oddest was to eat McDonald’s French fries directly after relations because they believe the salt content in the fries will help fertilization happen.

§     37% of women say they eat dark chocolate every day, 10% wear socks during relations and for the next week to keep your feet warm, 39% use reverse psychology and tell themselves they don’t want a baby, and 58% say they bicycle in the air for at least three minutes after relations.



§     It’s looking like the next head coach of the Raiders could be Jon Gruden.

§     The current ESPN analyst is only adding to that rumor.

§     He confirmed that he had a good meeting with Raiders owner Mark Davis said “there’s a good chance” he would accept an offer.

§     He last coached in 2008 with Tampa Bay, won a Super Bowl and reached the postseason two other years.

§     Prior to that, he coached the Raiders for four years.



§     Now you can get hot cocoa with your Double-Double.

§     In-N-Out, famous for its burgers and fries, has added Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa to their menu.

§     It’s the first new menu item in more than a decade.

§     The company president says that hot cocoa was on the menu back in the 1950s so it’s essentially the return of hot cocoa.