What's Trending on Wednesday, February 20

February 21, 2018

What’s Trending on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018



§     He’s sparked rumors that he’s already married by wearing a possible wedding band.

§     He was wearing a silver ring on a very important finger during a concert in London on Monday night.

§     He and his fiancée Cherry Seaborn announced their engagement last month…they’ve known each other since high school and recently moved in together.

§     They began dating in the summer of 2015 after Taylor Swift invited her over for her 4th of July party. That’s where they reunited, and the rest is history.



§     Study: People that are constantly posting about their relationship online may be the unhappiest.

§     Our online posting habits are directly tied to what experts are calling “relationship visibility.” It is the extent to which we make our relationships part of our public personas.

§     Having high relationship visibility and over-posting about a partner may be a mask for relationship insecurity.

§     They say that people that over-post need more reassurance about their relationship, thus needing a more visibility.

§     Experts say that oftentimes they’re looking for positive attention in the absence of getting the reassurance from their partner.



§     The show returns this March after a brief break and they’ve announced three of their guest hosts and musical guests.

§     SNL veteran Bill Hader will be back on March 17th with musical guests, Arcade Fire.

§     Charles Barkley returns as a host on March 3rd with musical guests Migos.

§     But perhaps, the most excited is “This Is Us” star Sterling K. Brown who is making his hosting debut on March 10th. He posted a video on Twitter and he is pumped!



§     Easter is around the corner and that means the return of one of the world’s most controversial candies…Peeps!

§     Peeps will launch eight new flavors to fill your Easter baskets with in 2018.

§     A new Sour Cherry flavor will be available in grocery stores nationwide, while exclusive flavors will be hitting Target, Krogers, and Walmart.

§     Target will feature “Delight” chicks in flavors that include Neapolitan, Lemon Sherbet, and Orange Sherbet.

§     Walmart will have three exclusive mystery flavors…they’ll make their big reveal on the flavors closer to Easter.

§     Kroger stores, which include Smith’s, will be the home of one exclusive flavor…Pancakes and Syrup-flavored Peeps.