What’s Trending on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

March 1, 2018

What’s Trending on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018



§     We’ve all been inspired by Drake and how he’s gives away nearly $1 million in the God’s Plan video.

§     Now people are comparing their own good but mediocre deeds and others’ good deeds to Drake’s act of charity.

§     For instance: Chipotle worker “Your change will be $2.25.”  Me: You can keep it.” *God’s plan starts playing.

§     Me: “Can I get an extra chik-fil-a sauce?” Chik-fil-a worker throws in 4. *God’s plan starts playing

§     Me: *lets my supervisor take credit for my work cuz hes on thin ice with our boss this week. *Gods plan starts playing



§     Survey: 74% of couples take on debt to get married.

§     The average wedding costs $33,391 and with such a high price tag, many couple delay their nuptials.

§     In fact, about 52% of couples have pushed back their wedding due to financial concerns.

§     For those that do go into debt paying for the big day, many say it’s because they feel pressured to have a big wedding. More men feel this way than women.

§     So where do most of the costs come from? The venue is the biggest ticket item, followed by catering, the rings, the dress and the music.



§     Get ready for your Instagram feed to be bombarded by pink lettuce.

§     The new, trendy vegetable is called pink radicchio. It’s not artificially dyed, it’s got a slightly bitter taste and it’s starting to show up at stores like Whole Foods.

§     In this IG era, it’s apparently more important for food to look good than taste good.

§     Making your salad look pretty is not cheap…the pink radicchio sells for about five times more than regular green lettuce.



§     Chipotle is giving out free food this week…just grab your Golden Knights jersey!

§     They’re honoring the 11th annual Hockey Weekend Across America with a buy one, get one free deal on Friday.

§     The BOGO deal is good for one free burrito, bowl, salad or taco with one order per individual.

§     But the catch is that you have to wear a hockey jersey to a participating Chipotle location between 10:45am and 10pm this Friday. No coupon necessary…just the jersey.