Sound House 2019: Fletcher: 'Thanks for Cheating on Me!'

Singer-songwriter discusses how failed relationship launched new EP

September 25, 2019

Sound House 2019
Fletcher recently got out of a bad relationship. And with her latest batch of songs on her new EP You Ruined New York City for Me, she's putting the dude on blast. In a big way.

During her sitdown with Jocelyn during Sound House 2019 at Inspire Nightclub, the singer-songwriter from New Jersey said the bad experiences with the ex at the center of the record definitely drove her creative process, even as she admits there are certainly two sides to the relationship's story.

Despite the pain and anger, Fletcher said she's found peace with even the less pleasant aspects of the relationship.

"I'm grateful for it," "I've definitely grown as a person because of that experience. I've also got to write all this music about it. So I'm kinda like...thanks for cheating on me!"

Fletcher also talked about her love of Jersey's famed Stone Pony music club and her ideal settings for a performance.

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