Sound House 2019: Flora Cash Are Music's Cutest Rom-Com

The international music soulmates swing by Sound House

September 30, 2019

Sound House 2019
If you're a fan of music, romance or romance born in music -- and if you devour rom-coms on Netflix like air, you need to hear the story of Flora Cash.

American Cole Randall and Swede Shpresa Lleshaj had the cutest meet-cute that ever meet-cuted -- and during their interview with Heather Collins at Sound House 2019 at Inspire, the couple recounted the entire now legendary story of how the pop duo Flora Cash came to be.

And if you have any doubt of their bond, just check them out trying to tell the story of Cole's practical joke of Shpresa. Yeah, these two are definitely a couple alright.

Of course, their story doesn't begin and end with their relationship. The pair also talk about writing songs and the satisfaction they felt when their hit "You're Somebody Else" was used to help benefit a childrens' charity. 

Watch the complete interview with Flora Cash -- and check out all the Sound House 2019 coverage.