Sound House 2019: Muna Saves the World -- and You Can Help

The pop trio talk about their disputed beginnings -- and how everyone can help the planet

September 24, 2019

Sound House 2019
Muna want to set the record straight. The story about the all-girl pop trio coming together as a band at a USC college party didn't happen.

Guitarist Naomi McPherson argued there might have been a conversation about music with future band member Josette Maskin at a party. But nothing like the "starting a band" myth that has come out of the re-told story.

Although...the story is kinda how lead singer Katie Gavin remembers the band's origins, as she recounted to Jocelyn and the crowd at Sound House 2019.

While everyone's memories may not sync up, "it was a little bit like that," Naomi grudgingly admits with a smile.

After six years as friends and bandmates, the group shared how their new album "Saves the World" came together, their role in contributing to eco-awareness -- and which Muna member is which of the three Powerpuff Girls

No, seriously.

Check out the enlightening interview with Muna -- and don't forget to watch all of our Sound House 2019 coverage.