Justin Timberlake Remembers Fans Throwing Urine at Him at Rock Show

The singer was dodging bottles before performing with The Rolling Stones

February 18, 2020

When you get an invite from Mick Jagger, you go. The Rolling Stones frontman reached out directly to Justin Timberlake and asked him to be a part of a benefit concert in 2003, but things quickly turned ugly when the “Cry Me A River” singer took the stage.

Timberlake recalled the moment during a stop on The Graham Norton Show, explaining that when he arrived he realized that he might be odd man out. On a lineup with the Stones, AC/DC, and The Guess Who, the crowd was not as excited to see the “Like I Love You” singer.

“It was a bit of a blur,” Timberlake smiled. “I just remember saying to the band before we went on stage, ‘I don’t think this is gonna go well.’ But little did I know, I had no idea how bad it was gonna go.”

Justin remembers bottles of urine being thrown onto the stage, being hurled from the packed crowd at the festival. “It wasn’t always good times for me you guys,” he added.

Filled with questions, Justin made it through the first song when the festival host offered him an out, but Timberlake wouldn’t give up. “I was like, ‘nah man. I’m staying out here. We’re doing this.’”

Timberlake did his best to avoid the flying bottles of urine though the first song, dancing around the stage and moving behind the mic. “I was kind of impressed with myself,” he smiled. But things changed during his second offering, as Timberlake say down to play piano on “Señorita.”

“I thought, ‘on no. I’m immobile.”

“After that song either one of two things happened. Either they ran out of nerve because they knew that I was gonna stay there, or they ran out of urine. So kids, be tenacious.”

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