Offset calls out Cardi B on the 'WAP' lyrics that are evidently a lie

She might not cook, but she clearly cleans

November 3, 2020

Photo credit Getty Images

Caught in the act by her husband, Cardi B was put on blast for contradicting her own lyrics. Ya’ll know the song, and the NSFW lyrics, and while the line in question isn’t too risqué, Offset proved that it’s all a lie.

In a video posted on Instagram , captioned “LIAR,” Cardi is seen sweeping the floor of their bathroom, while Offset narrates. “You stop lying on your song, man,” Offset tells Cardi in the video. “She be lyin’. She clean. She got to clean.”

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Cardi appeared to not be having it, even telling her hubs, “I’m gonna punch you in your head.” But don’t you worry, clearly the two were just joking around and the divorce dismissal is still a go, well at least for now, with these two you never know.

After filing for divorce in September, Cardi confirmed her reconciliation with the Migos rapper just one month later, and recently admitted that her intent behind the proceedings was to “teach a lesson” and it clearly worked.

Well, while Offset learned his lesson, we’ve also gained some knowledge of our own, and that’s that Cardi does actually clean, well kind of, so we’re gonna let this one slide. Because even though, we were taught that it’s not nice to lie, after watching the video, cleaning doesn’t seem to be on the list of skills Cardi has mastered. So actually, is it even really a lie?

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