Morty is originally from the island of Oahu; that’s right, born and raised in Hawaii! He started radio fresh out of high school in 2001, and was a board-op/on-air talent for local alternative station Star 101.9 and was part of the Hudson & Scotty B morning show. He never realized how much he was really into music until he was constantly surrounded by it.

In 2010, Morty made the move to Las Vegas and served as the Technical Director for the local afternoon talk show on KXNT, as well as a weekend shift on Mix 94.1. This was so he wouldn’t lose touch with the music side of radio. Fortunately, Morty was moved across the building fully to Mix, as Assistant Producer for Mark and Mercedes in The Morning. Morty says, “I don’t see Mark, Mercedes, & JC as co-workers. They’re more of friends to me. This makes work not really work. If you don’t believe me, you should see the intense Atari games we have! I have yet to beat Mark at Basketball.” If Morty’s not working, he’s a huge car fanatic, and dabbles on the guitar a bit too.

People often ask Morty, “Why would you want to move away from a place like Hawaii?” He tells them, “Cause Las Vegas is practically Hawaii, but with no limits. And by limits I mean water...all around you.”