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The "Beth Dutton" One

6:00 - Zoom Fails. 7:00 - Old Tech Items. Pitfalls Of Profession. 8:00 - Random Questions. 9:00 - Mercedes Stomach Issues. Read More

The "Melted Wax" One

6:00 - NASCAR Driver Alex Bowman. 7:00 - Sporting Event You Witnessed. House Damage. 8:00 - Blended Family. Bartering For Business. 9:00 - Making Mom Mad. Read More

NASCAR Driver Alex Bowman Joins The Show

NASCAR Drive Alex Bowman called the show to talk about the South Point 400. Alex talked about the difficulties drivers face racing in Las Vegas, his crazy eBay purchase and he assembled a very unique race team. Read More
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The “Blockbuster Break-In” One

Mercedes and JC take their radio show off the air for this weekly podcast that is anything but normal...just somewhat normal. On this episode Mercedes and JC discuss who handles break ups better. And the extreme measures we take to win back an ex. Read More