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The "I'm Famous" One

6:00 - Thanksgiving Gone Wrong. 7:00 - Remembering Tony Hsieh. 8:00 - What Did You Just Notice. Grammy Talk 8:00 - Mistaken For Celebrity. Odd Sleeping Habits. Read More
LV Unity - Irreverent Warriors

LV Unity: Connecting Vets With One Another

You often hear the term "22 a day". A reference to the reported 22 veterans that commit suicide every day in our country. The issue may be far greater than that, according to our guest Yonel Dorelis with Irreverent Warriors Bringing Veterans Together. Yonel is a veteran helicopter pilot, and has... Read More

Shawn Gets In The "Mood" With 24kGoldn

He just turned 20, and he's got the number one song in the world. But he isn't going Hollywood on us... 24kGoldn is a breakout star, with his song "Mood" playing on Mix 94.1 after a huge bump from TikTok. It was only two years ago where he dropped his first single... since then, there's been a... Read More

The “Orinoco Flow” One

We had issues with our recording/ streaming. Only half of the show is posted today. So sorry! Hopefully back to 100% for the next podcast! JC 7:00 - Wallet Momentos. Finding Hidden Money. 8:00 - Romance Gone Wrong. Weight Loss And Personalities. 9:00 - Teacher Of The Month. Read More

Southern Highlands Stepping Up For Three Square!

We have seen it time and again in our community - when our neighbor is in need, we stand up and help. For years, Southern Highlands has joined forces with Mix 94.1 for our 4 Corners Food Drive, raising much needed food and funds for Three Square Food Bank! Right now, the need is greater than ever... Read More

The "Hangry" One

We had issues with our recording equipment today. We only caught the 9a hour. Full podcast will be back tomorrow. Sorry and THANK YOU! JC Read More