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Free4All: With Blanco Brown!

Today's #Free4All was a cornucopia of randomness! From CES banning "booth babes", to "Baby Shark" being used as a weapon... afternoon host Shawn Tempesta and Angie Morales touched on a ton of the day's hot topics! Then, out of nowhere, in walks #19 on the Billboard Hot 100, Blanco Brown ! His song... Read More

Free4All: Free The Nipple

Over 80% of infants are breast fed. So why the heck is it that people lose their minds if they see a woman's bare breast?! Afternoon host Shawn Tempesta lost his mind while Denise Balaoro from the promotions department watched in stitches as he breaks down a story about a family picture gone wild... Read More

Free4All: Meth Gators

2019 is a doozy. OJ Simpson is on Twitter, Bill Cosby is in prison, the star of "The Apprentice" is leader of the free world, more than one million people think it's a good idea to storm Area 51... and now this. Meth-Gators. Police in one Tennessee town are warning people not to flush their illegal... Read More

Free4All: Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Stupid is as stupid does. Over a million people have signed up for a Facebook event that says they will storm Area 51 en masse. "They can't stop us all", they claim. Well today on #Free4All , Shawn Tempesta and Kira Smethers not only hope that the Air Force ( who isn't pleased ) stops them, but... Read More

Free4All: Sip Of Slurpee

Afternoon host Shawn Tempesta works every minute of every day, and his guest Ricky Cornish works pretty hard too. You'd think someone would bring them free Slurpees on the #Free4All today... but no. Parched beyond belief, they pushed on to do today's show. We took a deeper dive at the new venue of... Read More

Free4All: A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

Afternoon host Shawn Tempesta and street teamer Kira Smethers have 14 years between them. And in those 14 years, some things have been lost in translation. Shawn had chalk in school, Kira had dry erase markers. Shawn dialed up on AOL, Kira never had the internet interrupted by her mom picking up... Read More

Bite of Las Vegas 2019: Here's Your FIRST LOOK!

If you're a longtime fan of Bite of Las Vegas , you're probably wondering what the foodie institution/killer concert will be like at its new home inside the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center . Well...pretty freakin' awesome, we think! To give you an idea of what to expect, our pals at DLVEC put... Read More

Free4All: Daddy Always Gets His Man

After yesterday's incredibly dangerous #Free4All , afternoon host Shawn Tempesta called in a safer crew that won't get us all fired. Alex Wong and Colin Pulicella joined the show for a day filled with news. From today being the birthday of many high-profile alleged and guilty murderers, to... Read More