Vegas Artist Spotlight: Angel Groove "Patterns"

August 5, 2018

Tune into AREA 941 New Music Show Sunday night's 9pm - 10pm with Jocelyn . Get turned on to hot new music from artists around the globe and featuring one of Vegas’ best local bands or artists. AREA 941 Local Spotlight: Angel Groove - "Patterns"

Angel Groove is a band that showcases all of our influences and interests merged into one. They like to emphasize the “era-less” aspect with not just their music but with their fashion. It’s like the fusions of [eras> with the overall sound and design. It’s like a “new urban” for them to represent Filipino-Americans in a New York, Toronto, London-esque sense with hints of  ‘80s [to> ‘90s fashion ads and film.

Here's their song "Patterns" , video shot and directed by Vegas local Christian Astorga.