Vegas Artist Spotlight: Mars Luna - "Good Girl"

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November 16, 2018

Tune into AREA 941 New Music Show Sunday night's 9pm - 10pm with Jocelyn.  Get turned on to hot new music from artists around the globe and featuring one of Vegas’ best local bands or artists. AREA 941 Local Spotlight: Mars Luna - "Good Girl"

As a child, Mars had speech problems and while he was learning how to talk, he learned how to sing and that came naturally to him. Music was an escape from the troubled times he had in school and it became his primary form of communication. When he was younger, Mars was bullied and cast aside from his peers and felt like he didn’t fit in. Over time, through music, he was able to open up and was accepted by his peers. While in Hawaii (where he was born), he created a band in high school called Acoustic Sunrise. He sang in talent competitions, sang for local news stations and radio stations until he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014.

When he first moved to Las Vegas, he solely performed music at church. But one of his close friends passed away in May 2016 and that fueled a desire to make music a career. That led him to release his first EP Genesis (Side A) on iTunes and Spotify on September 28, 2016. 

Mars conveys an unadulterated honesty in his music and his goal is to help people find the truth they’re looking for. He released his second EP True Colors on April 17, 2017. In 2018, he released three singles, Drift, Selfish and Good Girl. Currently, he is working on his first full length album and it is set to release in 2019.”


You can check out his website HERE  and watch the video for "Good Girl" here!