Vegas Artist Spotlight: In Theaters Friday - "Make It Out, Alright!"

July 15, 2018

Tune into AREA 941 New Music Show Sunday night's 9pm - 10pm with Jocelyn. Get turned on to hot new music from artists around the globe and featuring one of Vegas’ best local bands or artists. AREA 941 Local Spotlight: In Theaters Friday "Make It Out, Alright!"

In Theaters Friday combines off-kilter, melodic guitars and straight forward indie rock/punk sensibilities to produce surprisingly catchy tracks. In Theaters Friday is an incredibly hard working group of guys who hope to do nothing more than play memorable shows an make great music. Arnold, Jeff and Joe make up the band. Arnold is on guitar, also singing lead vocals. Jeff is on drums and Joe is on bass!

Here's their song "Make It Out, Alright!"