Maddie Poppe On the American Idol Duet She DIDN'T Love

And What's the Idol Winner's Go-To Karaoke Song?

June 11, 2019

American Idol has lots of advantages for winners like Season 16 champ Maddie Poppe...but it isn't all wine and roses. Sometimes, contestants have to stretch outside their comfort zones and offer up performances that they aren't necessarily thrilled about!

That was just one of the topics discussed when Maddie swung by the Mix 94.1 studios for an Underground Lounge performance Tuesday. 

In a chat with fans and Mix 94.1's Heather Collins, Maddie talked about some of her favorite karaoke songs...which unfortunately led to talk of one song she did on "Idol" that actually made her utter the dreaded "K" word.

Worse yet, it was a Disney Week duet performed with her competitor and boyfriend Caleb Hutchinson

Check out the video as she talks about her less-than-thrilling memories of the song. Fortunately, it clearly didn't hurt her chances in the competition!

During the discussion, Maddie grabbed her guitar and spun through a selection of tunes, including covers of the 4 Non Blondes' favorite "What's Up" as well as the mellow 70's classic "Brand New Key."

Of course, the set wouldn't be complete with a live version of her ultra-catchy single "Made You Miss" off her recently released debut album Whirlwind.

After the performance, Maddie also hung around to take pictures with her happy fans.

If you missed out, keep listening to Mix 94.1 for your chance to win a spot in our next exclusive Underground Lounge session.