MAX: Crazy True Story Sparked Colorful New Single "Love Me Less"

Love gone wrong and deportation spawn collab track with Quinn XCII

April 30, 2019

If you know him from his Broadway roots, his Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign with Madonna, his mega-smash single "Lights Down Low" or his show-stopping set at last year's Bite of Las Vegas, then you already know Max Schneider, aka MAX, is a born showman.

In Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards, MAX stopped by the Mix studios Tuesday (Apr. 30) to say hi and talk about his exploding career, which just happens to include a new album dropping later this year.

And hey, didja know one of MAX's exes tried to get his now-wife DEPORTED?!

Chatting with Heather Collins, MAX dishes on it all, talking about the autobiographical behind-the-scenes story of the colorful video and upbeat new single collab with Quinn XCII "Love Me Less."

He even drops a tidbit or two about his forthcoming sophomore album "House of Divine" coming this fall.

Check out the full interview with MAX and Heather here!